TranscribeMe: Legit or Not | Reviews of Website

We can see tons of scam sites over the internet. So, I wish to give some reviews on some websites like TranscribeMe. Let's see it is legit or not.

TranscribeMe is a transcription site located in Berkeley, California, United States. The company gets audio clips from customers.

The company transfers those clips to transcriptionists for transcribing. According to my knowledge, it is a reputable transcription company on the internet.

I researched on the internet. I found both positive and negative signals about the company. Most of them are positive. Some people have said it is a great place to earn money.

According to the Glassdoor reviews, 59% have recommended it. 81% approved for CEO.

Trustpilot indicates it as an excellent company. 83% of seventy people recommended it as 'excellent.'

9% said that TranscribeMe is a reputable company. Very few negative responses. 

PCmag also recommended the company. I check other website reviews too. Most of them give a positive signal.

So, in my review, I recommend TranscribeMe as a Legit company.


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